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My name is Tina.

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Tossed in shades of blue,
I do what I want: I drink,
or make love to you


Creative writing major/women's studies minor.

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The things I ordered off of plndr were delivered today. Huzzah. The Tripp bikini top I snagged really accentuates how non-gigantic my wonderful asian boobs are. >.>

I’d show you, because I actually do like the top, but I think the Batman would grumble. Seriously though, I didn’t think it was possible for my breasts to look more…petite then they are. I suppose I have a weird body shape. Toned ‘curvy’ legs, big bottom, decently slim waist - then hit in the chest by my Filipino genes!

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Tuesday Mar 3 @ 09:35pm
tagged as: the irish gals that i am chummy with are all boobalicious. couldn't my irish genes have tipped me a little more up top. but whatever. i like me.

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